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Splish Splash: How To Create A Waterproof Bathroom For Your Little Ones

by Juanita Perkins

If you have little kids then you know just how messy bath time can be. Not only do they tend to get water all over the floor but they also tend to get soap just about everywhere. If you are in the process of remodeling your kids' bathroom, there are a few different things that you will want to do to ensure that their bathroom doesn't get any sort of water damage in it. From choosing a waterproof tile flooring adhesive to avoiding a tub surround, this article will list a few considerations for you to talk to your contractor about. 

Choose a Waterproof Tile Flooring Adhesive

You may assume that all tile adhesives are created equal, but that's not the case. In fact, the type of adhesive that's used for tile flooring will be completely different than the type that's used for backsplashes. When you are having tile laid in your kids' bathroom, make sure that you ask about water proof tile flooring adhesive. This type of adhesive will help block out moisture when it falls onto the tile and will make sure that the flooring stays in place even when a lot of water gets on it. 

Choose a Waterproof Underlayment

In addition to talking to your contractor about choosing a waterproof flooring adhesive, also talk to them about choosing a waterproof underlayment. Underlayment is typically made of a material that's similar to foam and is laid underneath a variety of different types of flooring including tile. Whether your subfloor is plywood or cement, this type of underlayment will act as an extra barrier in your child's bathroom just in case too much water is spilled on the floor and not cleaned up in time. 

Avoid Tub Inserts

While a tub insert or shower insert can save you hundreds of dollars during your bathroom remodel, they can also trap in things like mold and moisture if you're not careful. Instead, spend the extra money and have a tub installed and then a tile shower surround. When the individual tile is installed, it creates less chance of water seeping behind the shower and causing extreme damage to the bathroom. 

Having a bathroom for your kids to splash around during bath time is a must, but you also want to make sure that they aren't causing any damage in the process. To learn more about these suggestions, reach out to a contractor near you today.