Learning More About Hardwood Flooring

2020 Hardwood Flooring Trends

by Juanita Perkins

Hardwood flooring has long been one of the most popular flooring options on the market. However, there are different trends in regards to hardwood flooring from year to year, which can include the finishes, the types of hardwood floors that are on trend, and various wood patterns. If you are in the market for a new hardwood floor, here are a few of the trends that are expected to be popular in 2020. 

Trend 1: Sustainable Wood Flooring Choices

One of the hardwood flooring trends that was big in 2019 and is expected to remain big in 2020 is sustainable wood flooring choices. More and more people are aware of their carbon footprint and want to make eco-friendly choices with the cars they drive, the materials they place in their home, and the products they purchase. Some of the most common sustainable wood flooring choices on the market today include cork, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. 

Trend 2: Oil Finishes

Another trend that is expected to be big in 2020 is oil finishes. For a long time, finishes that made a hardwood floor look shiny and sleek were popular. Over the past decade, more homeowners went with matte finishes for their hardwood floors. Oil finishes are a matte finish that helps to bring out the natural color of the wood and the pattern that may be present in the wood, while also making the wood look warmer and have more of a glow to it. 

Trend 3: Lighter Colored Woods

The final trend that is expected to be big in 2020 is lighter colored woods, such as blonde woods, whitewashed woods, and grey woods. Light-colored woods can make a space seem brighter and can make smaller spaces seem even larger than they really are. Some lighter colored woods can also reflect light, which makes a space look even brighter. More people are looking for open spaces that feel airy and light, and light hardwoods help you achieve this look. 

With so many hardwood floor options on the market, you may be unsure of which hardwoods you should look at as you look for a flooring option. Looking at current trends can help you see what is trendy and what types of floors you may wish to place in your home. Contact a hardwood flooring retailer today to learn more about various types of hardwood flooring options and which may be the best for your home.