Learning More About Hardwood Flooring

Tips To Keep Commercial Hard Wood Flooring In Great Condition

by Juanita Perkins

Hard wood flooring is used in many commercial buildings, particularly where customers have access, because it is easier to maintain and keep looking great compared to carpet. It isn't maintenance-free, though. You still need to provide some basic care to ensure the floor looks great and doesn't suffer any premature damage. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Invest in mats

Mats are one of the best investments you can make to keep your floors in great condition. Study the average traffic patterns in your business, then install non-slip mats in heavily used areas or in areas exposed to moisture and grime. For example, entry doors are a great place to put a mat since everyone must walk through the area, plus this is the spot most exposed to moisture and dirt. Another example of a good mat location is in front of a reception desk, where a lot of people walk up and stand on a daily basis. Study your particular building flow to determine the best location for your mats.

Tip #2: Prevent furniture wear

Furniture can also be hard on floors, particularly if there is moving furniture like office chairs in use. Place felt furniture pads on the bottom of any pieces that aren't meant to be mobile -- this way if they do get moved, they won't gouge the floor. For mobile furniture, like the aforementioned desk chair, place rolling casters on the bottom. Use casters in conjunction with a chair mat to further minimize damage to the floors.

Tip #3: Clean daily

Daily cleaning is another necessity for great looking floors. Daily dust and grit doesn't just make a floor look dirty, it can also cause damage. This is because it can end up putting minute scratches on the floor surface. Your maintenance crew should dust mop at least once a day and wet mop heavily trafficked areas daily. Lesser used areas can be dust mopped daily and wet mopped weekly or as needed.

Tip #4: Create a cleaning and buffing schedule

A deep cleaning with an automated scrubber removes ground in dirt. Follow this up with waxing and buffing to bring back the shine and make the floors look new again. This wax layer also protects the flooring from future damage, thus serving a dual purpose of appearance and utility. This task should be done at least every few months, or more often in heavily trafficked areas.

Contact a flooring company that specializes in commercial floor surfacing for more help.