Learning More About Hardwood Flooring

Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Flooring Looking Great

by Juanita Perkins

Hardwood flooring can be a way to make a home look beautiful, with floors that shine with the natural wood grain. Over time, that look can go away simply due to daily wear and tear. Here are some tips that can help keep the floors looking great.

Have The Floors Refinished

You do not need to live with those scratches in the floor forever, which is one of the great things about hardwood. Damaged and worn out areas can be refinished, which will make the floors look brand new once again. It requires a bit of work to remove all of the furniture from the rooms with hardwood for refinishing, but the end result will be floors that shine like the day the floors were originally installed. Since hardwood refinishing is a time- and labor-intensive process, it is a job that is best left to the professionals.

Perform Regular Deep Cleaning

If you do not want to go through the hassle of hardwood flooring refinishing, you'll need to perform regular deep cleaning. You may not be able to use soap and water on a hardwood floor, but there are other techniques that will get the job done. Your local home improvement store will sell a hardwood cleaning solution that will add a protective finish to the floors, and is applied with a soft cloth. It will help seal your floors, make them shine, and prevent the wood from becoming damaged.

Use Rugs In Heavy Traffic Areas

It's possible that you notice some trends in your flooring in heavy traffic areas. It may be in the form of worn down wood directly in front of your main doors, since that is where many people walk in with their shoes on. Consider adding an area rug to these places to protect the flooring. Not only is the rug a bit easier to clean when it gets filthy, but will protect the floor from being damaged. It is also much easier to swap out an old rug with a new one when it gets destroyed, rather than refinish a small section of your hardwood flooring.

Protect The Legs of Furniture

An easy way to scratch your floors is to not protect the legs of your furniture when moving large items. Thankfully, you can purchase furniture pads that allow these items to easily slide across hardwood flooring without scratching it. The cost of buying these pads can help prevent damage from occurring, which will easily make them worth the price.