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How to Get Your Stairs Ready for New Carpet

by Juanita Perkins

If you want to change out the carpet on your stairs, after you measure your stairs, purchase new carpet and underpadding, and remove the previous old carpet from your stairs, you'll need to prepare your stairs and yourself for the installation of the new carpet. Here are a few things you are going to need to do to get your stairs ready for some new carpet.

Fix Squeaky Stairs

If you have stairs that are squeaky, now is the time to fix them, since the previous carpet has been ripped up and the new carpet hasn't yet been laid down. Your steps have stair treads, or boards that you step on for each step. These stair treads are held in place with a couple of nails. Over a long period of time, these nails can get loose. When these nails get loose, the tread separates from the supporting boards that they are nailed into, and this causes the stair treads to essentially flex every time you step on them, and this produces a squeak.

While your stairs are bare, check each step and make sure that the nails or screws that are holding the stair treads in place are keeping the treads flush with the support boards below them. If you notice any nails or screws have been worked loose, or if you know that certain stairs squeak, you'll want to resecure the stair treads. You will need a power drill and some floor screws. Drill the floor screws as close as you can to where the nails were previously; this will help secure the stair tread to the supporting boards and stringers underneath the tread; this should make your stairs significantly less squeaky once you put the new carpet on them.

Get Your Tools Together

Now that you've fixed the stairs, you need to gather up all the right tools to install the new carpet. You are going to need a regular utility knife with a sharp blade. If you have only one blade, you may want to purchase a few more for backup purposes since the blade may get dull quickly. You will need a measuring tape and a straight-edge ruler so you can accurately measure and cut the carpet as you install it. You will also need a basic, regular hammer.

You will also need a few specialty tools. You are going to need either an electric or air-power stapler as well as staples to go along with it. You will need a carpet knee kicker as well; both of these specialty tools can generally be rented from a building store or an equipment-rental shop.

Once you have the tools together and have fixed any squeaky steps, you are ready to install your new carpet on your stairs. For more information about flooring options or to look into hardwood instead of carpet, contact companies such as Idaho Hardwood Flooring.