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Could A Marble-Safe Cleaner Have Faded Your Floor?

by Juanita Perkins

Have you recently spilled something on your white marble floor? Did you reach for marble-safe cleaner to wipe up the mess only to find that it left a big discolored spot when you were done wiping it up? If so, don't worry. You can probably fix the discoloration by ignoring it for a while or giving your whole floor a good mopping. 

Why The Cleaner Stained Your Floor

Marble is a soft and porous stone. As such, dirt and dust have a tendency to settle into the stone, changing it to a duller color over time. In heavily trafficked areas, this settling of dirt and dust can occur quite evenly across the entire floor, actually changing the appearance of the whole floor's color to an off-white. 

If the cleaner you used to clean up your spill was, indeed, marble-safe, then there's a good chance that the discoloration you're looking at is actually just a clean spot. It's likely that the cleaner successfully removed all the dirt and dust from the marble's pores, but only in the area that you treated with the cleaner. Because the area of your floor that had the stain is small and the area where the dirt and dust have not been thoroughly extracted from the floor is large, you've created an effect where the dirty portion of your floor looks normal and the clean portion of your floor looks damaged.

Fixing The Fading

You've got two options when it comes to getting rid of the "fade marks" left by the marble-safe cleaner. Your first option is to ignore the lighter portion of your floor. Over time, a new batch of dirt and dust will settle back into the marble's pores and your entire floor will again look uniform in color.

Your second option is to have your entire floor cleaned thoroughly so the dull color is revived to the bright white it once was. You can clean the floor yourself, or contract marble floor specialists to do the job for you. After cleaning, consider having a penetrating sealer applied to your floor. The sealer will seep down into the pores of the floor and fill them up so that dust and dirt can no longer settle in them. Once a sealer is applied to your marble floor, you'll be able to wipe up spills easily without the cleaner causing the discoloring effect.

If you cleaned up a spill on your marble floor with marble-safe cleaner only to find it left a discolored spot, your floor probably isn't damaged -- your cleaner just did a really good job. Fix your floor discoloration in one of the above mentioned ways, and contact a marble floor care specialist for more advice on how to take care of your marble floor.